July 2017 Pantry Challenge: Week 1


So I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I am going to do a modified pantry challenge this month in order to get back on track with grocery spending while using up what we may have accumulated over the past few months.

Here’s what we have planned for this week:

Breakfast: cereal, toast, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes

Lunch: PB&J, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, meat and cheese roll ups, cheese/crackers/fruit, leftovers


  • Sunday: Island Kielbasa, rice, veggies
  • Monday: Beef and cheese crescent melt, veggies, fruit
  • Tuesday: Hot dogs/brats, baked beans, french fries, watermelon
  • Wednesday: Shake and bake pork, noodle side dish, applesauce, veggie
  • Thursday: Hamburger steaks, mashed potatoes, veggie
  • Friday: Chicken stuff with pasta
  • Saturday: Sloppy joe, french fries, fruit

I am not including the cost of these meals in July because the ingredients were purchased in June.

I looked briefly in the pantry and found some things to use up for snacks this week. I made up 12 jello cups for the fridge using boxed jello powder and really small plastic containers (the ones that come in a set and are WAY too small to actually use for anything) and will make up some vanilla pudding cups as well.  I also found a cookie mix pouch that my husband brought home a few months back with toffee chips to mix in.  So, there will be cookies made up for this week as well.

Week 1 of the pantry challenge is off to a solid start.  Next week may prove to be a tiny bit challenging because we will be taking care of someone’s animals twice a day for 5 days or so.  This always throws us off a little because it takes up about 2-3 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening.  I’m determined to plan ahead so there aren’t any spontaneous trips to Mcdonalds.

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