Meal plan for the week of 3/5/2017

dana-whats-cookingWelcome to March!  I don’t know if its this pregnancy or just busy mom life, but this year is FLYING by.  I think as I get older, time seems to speed up exponentially. Not sure how I fell about this.

A new month means a full grocery budget! We currently budget $350 a month for just groceries.  Last month I went over by $2.31 because of a couple larger purchases but I’m determined to come in under budget this month.  In order to achieve this, I’m planning the majority of our meals based on what we already have stocked up.  It may get a little repetitive, but it will help to reduce out of pocket cost and cycle through our stockpile and reduce food waste.

So we are starting with $350.

I spent $85.00 (exactly! still no idea how I managed that.) on 3/1 at the Amish bulk store (post to come!).  This trip was stocking up on some bulk items and inexpensive snacks for the next 2 months.

This leaves $265.00 for the rest of the month.  I’ll keep a running total of what I’ve spent and what is left with each weekly meal plan post to stay accountable for no extra spending.  This includes eating out.  If we ever grab food while out, it comes out of the grocery money.

Onto this week’s meal plan:

I needed minimal groceries to be able to make these dinners, but I also needed to stock up on some other items because its the beginning of the month.  Things like American cheese slices, chips, cheese sticks, etc. I was able to spend $94.67 total between Walmart and Aldi.

This leaves $170.33 in the budget for the rest of the month.  Normally I would freak out over it being this low this early on, but we are stocked up on most of the extras and should only need to buy the basics for the rest of the month.

So far so good!

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