Meal plan for the week of 2/26/2017


Would you believe me if I said I STILL haven’t made the gosh darn crockpot beef and noodles that has been on my meal plan for the last 2 weeks?!  Because I haven’t.  Seriously.  Why not?  Pregnancy brain.  It’s a real thing people!  I keep forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer the night before so it can thaw to go into the crockpot the next morning.  Speaking of… Id better take it out now (2:40pm Saturday) so I can put it in the fridge tonight and it’ll be all set for tomorrow morning. Be right back…….

Ok, so now that the meat is out of the freezer, I can continue.

Here’s the plan for this week:

  • Sunday: Crockpot beef and noodles, veggies
  • Monday: Oven roasted chicken legs, noodle or rice side dish (undecided, but I have both available), veggies
  • Tuesday: Pancakes, sausage, fried apples
  • Wednesday: Brown sugar meatloaf, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots
  • Thursday: Crockpot BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, chips, fruit
  • Friday: Leftovers
  • Saturday: Beef porcupines, egg noodles, veggies

I went over my grocery budget this month by $2.31.  Pretty sure that was because I counted the seeds and starting soil and such for the garden as “grocery” items, and we had a couple instances of fast food.  because of this, Sun-Tues had to be meals we already had everything for.  Shouldn’t be too hard to follow!  I’ll just have to keep a closer eye on things this next month.

I’ll be heading out to my favorite Amish bulk store on Wednesday with my mom to (hopefully) stock up on some good deals.  It’s hit or miss, but I can always find something there that we need.  I know for a fact I need ingredients to make my next batch of homemade mocha cappuccino mix because the containers are running low.  I usually try to go every 2-3 months and haven’t been there since November.  The plan is to go now, and then again at the beginning of May right before this baby is due.  Some of my favorite things to get there are discounted ketchup, broth, snacks, granola bars, crackers, and so on.  You really won’t know what they have until you go look because they don’t advertise online and they have such a quick turnover of products.  I’ll be sure to share what I manage to find this week in a post.

Wish me luck that the beef and noodles actually gets made today!!

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