I’m Back!


At least I hope I am!  Life had gotten extremely crazy last July and I found that I just couldn’t keep up with blogging and family, so blogging had to take a back seat.

So what have we been up to?

  • Fawning season:  We had a busy summer with babies being born, deer getting sick, and trying to get some bucks sold in the fall.  I know that this is only going to get take up more of my husband’s time (not mine and you’ll see why below in the “What’s coming up” section) come March/April when it starts to warm up and he can get out there to do more work on the pens before fawning season rolls around again in June.
  • Pre-K: My (now) 5 year old started Pre-K in September and he rides the bus to and from school each day.  He absolutely LOVES it and is ready for Kindergarten this coming August.
  • Potty training: My 3 year old is potty training!  Hallelujah!  He is about 90% there but he is doing SO awesome.  He needs to be 100% potty trained so that he can go to Pre-K in September and ride the bus too.
  • New Job:  My husband started a new job and he works an odd 2nd shift.  He can start any time from 10am to 3pm and end anywhere from 6:30pm to 11:30pm.  It varies day to day so we had to adjust to this change.  We are still trying to find ways to balance everything out, but we are almost there.
  • Teen update:  My daughter (14) was attending an online public school up through December 2016.  This was to allow her to have some flexibility to attend doctor appointments and such without missing too much school.  She has started back at public school this week and is LOVING it!  For now, I’m having to drive her back and forth to school because we are out of the district, but hopefully that will change soon.
  • Chickens:  My chickens are doing great!  They started producing like crazy last July, but have slowed down come October when the days began to get shorter.  We have a larger coop built for them right now, and are adding on a outdoor run this spring.


What’s coming up?

  • Gardening:  I ordered this book and am beginning to learn about straw bale gardening.  I have never had a garden before and I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m hoping that this book, and this method, will help me have a successful garden for canning and eating this year.  I also have some seeds that will get started inside in March so that I (hopefully) will have some plants ready to put in the garden come mid May.
  • Canning: I need to can jellies and jams this year, as I’m almost out of what I canned in 2015.  Hopefully, my roma tomatoes will grow nicely and I can get some tomato products canned as well.
  • Landscaping: The front of our house has been greatly neglected.  I’m hoping to put in a simple, low maintenance flower bed along the front of the house.


And on top of all this……

…Yep!  We are expecting a new baby girl late May/early June.  This was totally NOT planned and was quite a shock to us.  She’s the best little “oops” that has ever happened to us.

What are my plans for the blog?

  • Continue posting weekly meal plans, with links to recipes
  • Share my journey with gardening and landscaping (this should be amusing)
  • Share the ways I’ve been cutting costs in preparation for a new baby
  • Continue to post about random family and life experiences as they occur

I don’t want to completely overwhelm myself with blogging on a daily basis, so I’m setting a goal of 3-4 times a week.  Some weeks it will be less, some weeks it will be more.  I look forward to sharing again with you all!

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