DIY laminated cash envelopes

Last fall I started posting about Dave Ramsey and his method of becoming debt free.  You will begin to see more posts on this topic because we are getting started here in the house ASAP!

He recommends that you use a cash envelope system.  It’s much more difficult to spend cash and see less in the envelope than it is to swipe a card.  The cash envelope system goes hand in hand with your budget.  Your monthly budgeted amount goes into the envelope and when its gone, its gone.

Some people will buy his cash envelope system, others use plain white envelopes, some make their own fabric ones.  I wanted to make something that I know I would be successful with, and that looks pretty. (such a girl!)

I came across this post and modified it slightly by including some contact paper to strengthen them up and be a bit more sturdy.  You can check out a quick video over on my Facebook page: Focussed on Family.

After making the envelopes, I attached little labels and wrote down what the envelope was for.  Each payday will result in grabbing the cash and putting it in the envelopes.

Debt free life, here we come!


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