Meal plan for the week of 6/26 (week 3 of the pantry challenge!)

This past week was a success!! A HUGE success! I was able to stick to my meal plan and use what we had, and I only went to the store one time for items on last week’s this week’s menu.

The only change that was made was on Thursday. We were supposed to have the brown sugar balsamic pork roast, but I forgot to take the pork out of the freezer to thaw on Wednesday night.  We had more leftovers in the fridge so we did leftovers Wednesday and Thursday instead and moved the pork roast to this week’s menu.

In last weeks meal plan post I had said I needed just sour cream at the store  along with some fruit.  I had enough sour cream already so I didn’t need that and we used up all the fresh fruit we had along with some home canned fruit. I went shopping on Thursday last week for this week and here’s what was purchased:


  • 3 1/2 gallons fat free milk (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 1 package mozzarella string cheese (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 1 jar peanut butter (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 2 bottles of juice (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 2 loaves of sandwich bread (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 1 dozen eggs (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 3 pound bag of apples (WIC: no out of pocket cost)
  • 10 pound bag of potatoes $0.38 (overage after WIC)
  • 1 box Great Value club crackers $1.98
  • 2 large bags of potato chips $5.96
  • 5 theater box candy $4.90 (for Liam’s birthday outing)

Total out of pocket spent: $13.22

Total spent so far during pantry challenge (3 weeks): $35.00

Again, not a whole lot was spent on groceries because I am using what we have to plan meals and use up some of the stockpile.

Could we have done without the chips and the candy. Yep we could have.  The boys enjoy a little bit of chips with their lunch each day and we were almost out so I bought 2 different kinds.  The candy was for at the movie we all went to yesterday for Liam’s 3rd birthday.  Again, we didn’t need it, but it was a celebration so we did something special.

Here’s this week’s menu plan:

  • Sunday: Creamy chicken with rice and a veggie
  • Monday: Burgers and french fries
  • Tuesday: Crockpot brown sugar and balsamic pork roast, mashed potatoes and a veggie
  • Wednesday: Pancakes and bacon
  • Thursday: Brown sugar meatloaf and mashed potatoes
  • Friday: Leftovers
  • Saturday: Brats/hot dogs, pasta salad, corn on the cob

The only thing I still need to buy for this week is corn on the cob for Saturday.  However, I didn’t want to buy that last week when I did the rest of the shopping.  We have an appointment in town on Thursday so I’ll grab a few ears then.

I’ve got a new goal of coming in under $50 for groceries in total over 4 weeks.  I think I can do it! 

What’s for dinner this week at your house? 

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