Living the Simple Life

The other day this image was floating around on Facebook and I shared it on my Facebook page as well.

What do you think? Could you do it?  Would you want to do it?


I would absolutely want to do this!  If anyone wants to pay me the $100,000 , I will gladly do this and document the entire year….just saying.

This image really got me to thinking about why some people would see this as a difficult thing to do.  The answer is that people depend so much on things such as cell phones and internet every single day.  The dependency isn’t necessarily bad, it is just what people have become accustomed to.

Years ago, if you needed directions, you had to write them down on a piece of paper and read them as you drove.  You also needed to use a map to see which roads connected where.  Now, all you need is to put the address into a GPS, go to a website like MapQuest, or even ask your phone and it will tell you where to go.  If you wanted to call somewhere and didn’t have the phone number, you looked it up in the phonebook.  Now, its a simple search online and there it is.

What does “simple living” mean to you?

To me, it means living without additional complications.  How do I feel my family’s life is “simple”?  We live in a modest home that has just enough room for us.  We don’t wear expensive clothes.  We don’t have new cars.  We don’t take vacations.  We don’t eat out on a regular basis.  We don’t have cable.

There are things that we can improve as well.  We both have an iPhone 6.  We both upgraded when we weren’t under contract anymore.  Within the past year I decided that when we are no longer under contract, I’m not getting a new phone.  I will use mine until it doesn’t work anymore.  We do have internet, but we need it for my daughter’s online schooling.  We have Netflix and Hulu.  Could we drop TV altogether?  Of course we could.  Will we? Probably not.

In regards to the photo….Absolutely I could live there, without internet/phone for a year.  We aren’t so dependent on internet and phones that it would completely debilitate us.  It just means there would be an adjustment period to an even simpler life.

I constantly strive to simplify our life in new ways.  What ways have you cut back that you have found to have a positive effect on your life?

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