Spring has (finally) sprung!

What a crazy spring this has been!  We have flip flopped from warm sunny weather, to cold windy weather.  We have had rain one hour, sunshine the next, and then hail and thunderstorms 5 minutes later.  Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t like the weather?  Wait 5 minutes”?  I think that is Indiana’s state motto.  If not, it should be!

There have been signs of spring mixed into all this crazy weather.

We have had the dandelions take over our yard and turn it into a sea of yellow.  This is great because I discovered that you can make dandelion jelly.  Guess who canned 4 batches of this delicious sunshine in a jar?  Yep… me!  It tastes like honey.  Everyone in my house has given it two thumbs up.  And I needed to make the last 2 batches because the husband found that he likes a spoonful in his tea.

I also made and canned some violet jelly.  It has a nice light floral hint to it and is a gorgeous pink/purple color!

I found a nest in the ground of 5 baby birds while planting my raspberry and blueberry plants.  They are still there a week later and now they are getting feathers and their eyes are open.


The bucks on our farm are putting on their antlers like crazy now as well.


And let’s not forget about one of my favorite signs of spring…. Fawns!!  We are up to 4 doe fawns and 1 buck fawn.  We still have about 30 more moms that need to have their babies.

I could sit out in the pens all day long with these little guys!

So now that Spring has sprung, our busy season has begun!  Planting, canning, fawns, pen construction, and more.  Spring also means lots of family fun and outdoor play!  I love this time of year!



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