10 frugal Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming in less than a month.  Anyone who has been Walmart or Target since the day after Christmas knows it’s coming, because that’s when the Valentine’s Day themed items started showing up.  Candy, cards, baking supplies, lingerie, stuffed animals…you name it, it’s out and ready for you to buy.


Before you do, take a step back and think for a moment.  Does your wife really need a ginormous stuffed gorilla saying how “Bananas about you” you are?  What about the 10 pound box of chocolate?  Do your kids need new Valentine’s Day shirts just because it’s that time of year again?  Nope!  They don’t!

Valentine’s Day is a day to show those that you love, how much they mean to you.  (Don’t get me started on this because I feel every day should be a day to show someone you love how important they are to you) Spending money on someone doesn’t mean you love them.  Take some time this year and make your Valentine’s Day a little more “from the heart”.

Here are some links to frugal and thoughtful ideas and crafts to make for your loved ones.  Click the links above each photo to view the webpage with instructions.

Surprise your loved one(s) with a post it heart that spells out all the things you love about them.


Or, leave them love notes somewhere totally unexpected.


Starting February 1st, leave a new art on your child’s door each day.  This is something I started doing last year and it is always a hit.


Make a special breakfast.  Add red food coloring to pancake batter,  shape cinnamon rolls into hearts, or use cookie cutters to form heart shaped eggs.  Put a small spin on breakfast to make it fun.  You can even surprise everyone with breakfast in bed!


Bake something special.  It doesn’t take much to make a heart shaped cake.  Heart shaped rice krispie treats are easy as well when you use a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Maybe plan on some chocolate fondue.  Whatever your budget, and your skill level, there is something you can make.


Get crafty with the kids!  This tissue paper sun catcher is super easy!  I have 2 hanging in my dining room as I type this. Or, your kids can make….


Handprint love bugs


Puzzle piece hanging hearts


or even cardboard roll love bugs!  Your kids will love spending time with you making these fun crafts.


A Valentine’s Day coupon book is also always a good idea!  I made these one year for my daughter and husband (before the minions were born) and they were a hit!  I created custom coupons for things like “Dinner of your choice”, “Stay up 15 minutes past your bedtime”, and “Movies with Mom” to fill my daughter’s coupon book.  She still has a couple that she is saving for the perfect moment.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be about spending hundreds of dollars on chocolate, roses, jewelry, and an evening out.  It should reflect how much someone means to you.  Taking the time to do something special for someone is priceless.























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2 Responses to 10 frugal Valentine’s Day ideas

  1. Jentodd says:

    These are all great ideas! Too often during “spending freezes” we just agree not to buy presents. These are great alternatives!


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