New Year Resolutions

It’s coming up on that time of year…..when people make promises to themselves and loved ones, are able to stick to them for a couple months, and then (the majority) fall off the wagon come March/April.  It’s New Year resolution time!

The past couple years my own has been to cut costs as much as possible. I’ve been successful in some areas, but I’ve failed in others.  This year I have 2 that I think I will be able to stick to pretty well.

  1. Pay off as much debt as possible.  We created a budget that will work for us, but now that’s in the air because of so e job changes.  Once things settle down, we will revamp the budget and get back on board.  We will continue to cut costs as much as possible to be able to put the savings towards debt.
  2. Spend more time with my kids.  I’m with them all day, every day, but I don’t always take the time to spend time with them.  Any parent will admit that they get distracted by the cleaning, dishes, errands, etc that need to be done and they don’t always spend as much time with their kids as they would like to.  This year I’ll slow down and enjoy my kiddos.  Even if it means a messier house!

If saving money or paying off debt is in your 2016 plans, we would love you have you in our Facebook group,  The Spending Diet .  What are your goals for next year?

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1 Response to New Year Resolutions

  1. youmeanme says:

    I’m aiming to pay off my own debt this year so I can start actively saving for some big expenses. In terms of my life, I am continuing to be grateful for all I have and prioritizing people over things/busyness.

    Good luck with the job changes! I know how stressful that can be.


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