Allow me to brag for a moment

My husband is amazing.  He works so incredibly hard for our family. Not only does he work full time at a regular job, he has been working on getting the deer farm up and going for the past 3 years.  This past week we hit a major milestone!

On Thursday and Friday last week, my husband had two lots in a huge deer breeder auction here in Indiana.  Both of them sold!  Granted, they didn’t sell for a huge amount, but he had bidders and both sold for close to what we expected.  We are only in year 3, so this is the first year that we could start selling.  We don’t expect to make a profit until year 5.  But for now, what he sold at the auction will go towards feed, medication, vet bills, etc.  The business is finally paying for itself! 

This business isn’t for the faint of heart.  It involves money to get it up and going (this is a big part of the debt we have that we are trying to pay off), lots of time (at least an hour a day to feed, water, check the fence, etc), and the frequent disruption to a normal family schedule (example: my living room turning into a critical care room for 6 sick fawns this past summer).  

We have had ups and downs just as any family would when starting their own business.  There have been many times I’ve wanted to just yell at him, “just sell them! I don’t want to do this anymore!”  And there have been times I’ve actually told him that.  He has missed family events and activities because of unexpected sick deer, or deer that had died and now needed to be sampled to maintain our certification with the state.  But all of that takes a back seat when we have the ups like this past weekend.  I am so proud of him, what he has accomplished, and the networks he is developing for the future. 

Great job my dear! Now hurry up with chores so we can put up our Christmas tree!

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