A mother’s wish list

It’s that time of year when us parents try to find items on our kids’ Christmas lists to wrap from “Santa”. But what about us? If Santa was real (and I mean really real) this is what my letter would say…

Dear Santa,

I have done my best to be good this year, though it is difficult at times since my kids are both toddlers and a teen.  However, I have kept them fed, bathed, and clothed so I feel I did well.  This year I would like,

  1. 72 hours with NO kids or husband in the house.  I spend my days at my toddlers’ mercy and I just can’t get caught up on the housework.  Between “mommy watch me!”, “More juice please”, “I want a snack”, and the thousands of meltdowns over who had what toy first, who pushed who first, who’s turn it is to pick a show, non-essential things have fallen to the wayside.  With my kids (and my husband!) gone and out of the house for 72 hours, I could get caught up on the laundry and have it put away, have all the filing organized and put away, every room would have a deep clean, my office could be organized, and I could get it all done because I wouldn’t have to stop every 3 minutes to do something for them, or break up a fight.
  2. A day to myself to just sleep.  Or read a book, or have a movie marathon.  I’m exhausted. These kids get up before dawn on their own and fight bedtime every night. A day where sleeping in wouldn’t mean 7am would be fantastic!  I have some books I’ve been meaning to read and some movies I’d love to watch, but the kids library books, The Magic Schoolbus, and Little Einsteins have taken over any free time I do have (and it’s not much).  I’m just thankful it’s not Cailou anymore.
  3. To be able to go to the bathroom without an audience.  A simple 60 second trip to pee turns into a 5 minute ordeal.  Between actually peeing and washing my hands, I also have to comfort the 2 year old who thinks I’ve run away, scolded the 4 year old who just got into the cabinets and insists on pulling everything out and showing me what is in there, and herding them back out of my bedroom to an area where they can go about as they wish.  I’ll spare you the details of a 5 minute trip to the bathroom, but it is chaos. Complete and total chaos!
  4. I’d love a professional detailing of the van.  The floors look like a cereal aisle exploded in there.  “Don’t let your kids eat in the car” would work if my kids didn’t scream for snacks as soon as I start driving.  I’d rather feed them a snack and enjoy the 3 minutes of quiet instead of the 10 minutes of them screaming about how they are going to starve if they don’t get a snack “now!”.
  5. A massage. A professional massage at an expensive day spa that is at least an hour long.  With calming music, scented candles, and amazing massage oil.  We need calming physical touch to help us relax.  Especially after we have kids hanging on us and climbing on us constantly while they are awake.  
  6. A monthly date night with my husband.  We don’t go out.  We don’t have the time, and we most certainly don’t have the money.  We have fallen into the rut of “parents” and have forgotten what it is to be “husband and wife”.  A monthly date night, prepaid by you, and a babysitter arranged would be awesome.
  7. A hot meal or at the very least, a hot cup of coffee.  You see, my kids have the uncanny ability to need something as soon as I sit down.  Maybe there is a secret button in my chair that turns them into super needy  monsters with no shred of patience.  Every day, without fail, my meals are cold when they are supposed to be hot, and warm when they are supposed to be cold, by the time I get to consume them.

You see Santa, I love my family with all my heart and soul.  I do everything I do for them and to make them happy.  But, I (like so many other moms) put myself aside and forget to take time for myself.  If you could help me out a little, I’d so very much appreciate it.

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14 Responses to A mother’s wish list

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig says:

    I absolutely love this!!!! 😁


  2. i would love to have the daily massage – and somebody to clean my house several days per week πŸ˜€


  3. a daily massage – and house cleaning several days per week – on my wish list πŸ˜€


  4. Heidi says:

    That is a great wish list!!


  5. My wishlist looks very similar to yours! lol I would love #6 especially. It’s so easy to forget to be husband and wife when you are parents. All the “free time” and moments of quiet are squelched by the needs of our kids! lol


  6. What a great list although now I am terrified of having kids πŸ˜‰

    Great post!


  7. webgal147 says:

    I can relate to you totally. I run a licensed daycare during the day and have 5 kids of my own which makes going to the bathroom hard too. Everything and anything always happens in that 5 min bathroom break. It will get better as they get older. Also you should find a daycare that offers parents night out where you can go out on dates with your husband one Saturday a month. I offer it in my daycare and my parents love it.


    • anorris81 says:

      I’ve heard of local “parents night out” and think that’s a fantastic idea! Our problem is afford the dates out. Soon! But for now any extra money is paying down debt.


  8. Jonathan Key says:

    LOL at #1 72 hours with no kids. We just went on a 48 hour get away at a bed and breakfast. I think it was the best gift I could give my wife this Christmas. Also, it was in celebration of our anniversary and we saved up to pay for it all cash. Love your list!


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