Just Breathe…..


You know that thing called life?  Well, it has been a chaotic, overwhelming, emotional, crazy thing for over a month now here in our house.  We’ve been dealing with financial strain, illness, hospitalizations, doctor appointments, and more.  Every time it seems as though things are calming down, life bitch-slaps us again and we cower in the corner.

A quick look at what has been happening:

  • missed work days for doctors appointments and deer crisis
  • a couple rounds of family colds and stomach bugs
  • an intense 5 weeks (and continuing) of trying to stabilize and improve the mental well-being of my daughter who needed to be hospitalized for depression.
  • house repairs
  • vehicle repairs
  • unexpected medical bills
  • general financial strain that has been magnified because of the other things listed above

“No Spend October” was a great success and the participants in The Spending Diet are continuing to cut expenses while helping each other out.  I am so proud of all the them!  If you are interested in joining, click the link and send a request to join.  In an attempt to keep the spammers out, I’m not approving anyone unless I know who they are or someone in the group does.  So, if you send a request, please comment below and let me know who you are so I can approve your request.

My husband and I have realized that we need to get our finances under control and we have started following the Dave Ramsey baby steps.  We are currently on baby step #2.  If you don’t know who he is, or what I’m talking about, HERE is a link to his website.  We are adjusting to following a budget and tracking our spending.  There will be an upcoming post more specific about our journey so far.

Things are going to get a bit more crazy here in the next few months too.  We have Thanksgiving, my mom moving, Christmas, school programs and events, and the Winter weather all coming up.  I’m doing my best to keep things low key for the holidays to keep the stress as low as possible.

I’ve missed blogging during the past month and a half and I’m hoping to be able to keep up with it fairly regularly again.

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