No spend October: update #1

I am happy to say that so far, this month is much more successful than September was.  I think a key part to my success is having a group of 30 other people doing this spending diet with me.  Our Facebook group is very supportive and we have given each other suggestions and tips of how to be successful.  I am truly greatful for everyone that has joined in because it has helped me to be successful.

In addition to my 31 day spending diet, I am participating in A bowl full of lemon’s 31 day purge as well.  Each day a different area of the house is purged.  I have to warn you, this is quite addictive.  So far we have purged the pantry, magazines, dresser drawers, and today is toys.  I’m taking it a step further and as I’m purging, I’m posting things for sale on eBay and my local Facebook garage sale sites.  I have sold $310 worth of stuff so far this month and that will pay off 4 bills that have been kicking around for a couple months.  

I haven’t spent anything beyond what has been budgeted.  I’ve packed snacks and lunches when we go out instead of grabbing fast food for everyone and have combined trips to save gas.  I’ve even started un subscribing from emails so I’m not tempted by sales at some of my favorite stores. 

Overall, this month has been successful so far and with the support of everyone in my group, I’m sure we will all do amazingly! 

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