Prepping for “No spend October”

Our Facebook group has a lot of excited people who are joining me on the “no spend” adventure this next month.  We are sharing ideas and tips on a daily basis and there is still time for you to join us! Just click the link at the bottom of the page and send a request to join in.

A couple days ago I made up a list of 22 meals based off of things I already have in the house.  My shopping list of things I needed to buy to fill in the missing ingredients consisted of…… (Drumroll please!) 25 items! And that’s counting the quantity, not just the item.  

I had originally planned on going grocery shopping on Friday when I have all my kids with me because school is closed for the day.  But then I thought about all the other times I’ve taken them shopping with me. 

“Mom I’m hungry”: daughter gets cheese sticks from the deli

“Buk buk please momma” (translation: mom I want popcorn chicken): both boys get popcorn chicken because they both want to hold the cup

“Oooooo look at that! That’s so neat! Can I have….”: daughter gets whatever said thing is because it’s usually inexpensive

Not to mention the number of items that end up in my cart because everyone saw them and would like them……and I get them because my kids are generally well behaved and deserve them.  Plus, I use them for bribery at home.

The next thing I know, I’ve spent about $40 more than I would have if I went alone.  It happens every. single. time.  I’m not a total pushover though…. I have no problem saying “no” or “not this time” or “wait because Christmas is coming”.

When all of these thoughts went running through my head yesterday at 4am (yep I was up at 4am thanks to my 3 year old and the puppy) I decided that I would change my plans and go with just Liam after we dropped Jack off at Pre K.  He is perfectly happy while shopping with a cup of juice and some snacks from home.  I knew that by going yesterday I would end up saving money even though I had to drive an extra 30ish miles.

I packed up the diaper bag, and the kids, and off we went.  We dropped the older monster off at pre k and that left just me and the smallest.  Normally I would go through McDonald’s at this point and get him a hash brown, a pack of apple slices, and myself a coffee.  Not today! I had my coffee before we left and I packed him a gogurt, granola bar, and juice.  Right there, by skipping McDonald’s, I saved about $6.

Now, naturally, on the way to the store I remembered quite a few things that I never put on the list.  So I added them before going in.  I only bought a few things that weren’t on the list before I walked through the door.  I spent about $7 on some things for Jack’s Halloween party at the end of the month (I didn’t want to go back in 3 weeks and them not have what I wanted) and I spent another $3 on reduced “bake at home” demi baguettes  from the reduced bakery rack for my mom.  She now has 8 small baguettes in the freezer at 70% off.  M grand total for all 49 items? Just over $91.  My goal is to spend less than $200 for the month of October on groceries.  This shopping trip will carry me through to October 17th so I can very easily reach that goal!

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