14 simple crockpot recipes

In preparation for my redo of my spending diet next month,  I am pulling together a list of crockpot recipes to use for the nights that we are busy and I wont have time to cook.  A good number of these I have tried myself and have been fantastic!  There are a few mixed in here that is on my “recipes to try” list.

Crockpot humor

Crockpot humor

Cranberry pork roast (This is almost an exact match to the one I make.  I don’t use the dried cranberries and I always use cranberry juice, not orange)

Beef and broccoli (SO good!)

Beef stew (I leave out the mushrooms)

Beef and noodles

Broccoli cheese soup (I add some chunked yellow potatoes and occasionally diced ham)

BBQ pulled chicken (this is really good as a sandwich.  I used boneless skinless chicken thighs)

Chicken teriyaki

BBQ pulled pork (This is a favorite in our house on sandwich buns)

Beef pot roast (I will put carrots in with it while it cooks and serve with mashed potatoes)

Sausage and peppers (This would be good on a sandwich or over pasta)

Ranch pork chops (another family favorite)

Swedish meatballs (you can also make your own meatballs and freeze them)

Buffalo chicken

Chicken and dumplings

Do you have a favorite crockpot recipe? Share it with me in a comment!  Im always looking for new ones to try.

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