Family movie night: Cars

We had another family movie night last Friday and this time it was Disney’s “Cars”.  Though this isn’t one of my favorite movies, I knew the boys would get a kick out of it.


  • Lightening McQueen pasta wheels with meat sauce
  • Mater’s tater tots
  • Stop light brownies
  • Candy cars

I replicated the meal that I saw on this Pinterest photo.  There wasn’t a link associated with it, or photo credit so please let me know where it was from if you know so I can change the link. 

Everyone loved this meal.  Pasta is a dish that I know everyone will eat and the tater tots we cooked to perfection.  The brownies were simply a brownie mix, a little frosting, and m&ms.  The candy cars were Milky Way fun size bars, a tiny smear of frosting to “glue” on the m&m wheels, and teddy grahams.  

Liam liked to “drive” his car on the table before he ate it….complete with car sounds.  

Instead of everyone piling into the living room to try to watch the movie, we put it on in the playroom.  This was much better for the boys since they could watch or play.  You try to make two little kids sit through a movie.  I learned this lesson last time around. 

Which movie night should we do next? Brave, The Little Mermaid, or Lilo and Stitch?

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3 Responses to Family movie night: Cars

  1. lynneggleton says:

    That’s so cute and I bet they loved it!


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