Plum Paper Planner (and a discount code!)

I am in love with this planner. I have never found a planner that has worked as well for me as these ones. I have found different things that I like about different planners, but they have never been all in the same one, until I found Plum Paper.

Plum Paper has many different types of planners and life organizers.  They have family planners, teacher planners, student planners, wedding planners, and more. You can also add onto your planner to make it work even better for you. You can add extra months (up to 6), extra note pages, to do pages, direct sale logs, fitness pages…. The combinations really are endless. Don’t even get me started on how awesome they look!!!

This is the cover of my “regular planner” as it is listed on their shop. I just ordered a new one to run from May 2016-June 2016 since my current one finishes with April 2016. I discovered today that I need a planner that runs with the school year to keep track of everything my kids have going on. 

The calendar spread has the dated calendar, a spot to list that month’s birthdays, events, and a small note section. 

Then, after the full calendar, are weekly calendars. You can choose from 4 different layouts for this type of planner. I chose the hourly version. It has each day, and hours from 7 am through 8 pm, a weekly checklist, a small note section, and a daily checklist at the bottom of each day. Here’s a closer view. I chose to assign each person in my family a different color. Purple is for me, pink for Kaela, red for all of us, etc. this way, I know who has something going on at a quick glance.

Also included in each tabbed month is a monthly cleaning page, to-do list, and note page. All of them are double sided. 

Also included at the end of this planner are 2 special date pages (I use them to list birthdays), a single contact page, U.S. Holidays for 3 years, and a calendar for the following year. 

This is seriously the best planner I’ve ever had. Hands down. I hope this company is around forever!!!! Or at least until my kids are grown and out of school so I have less to keep track of!

Plum Paper Designs is giving all of you a 10% discount through the end of September.  Use the code FAMILY10 at checkout to save on your new, amazing, gorgeous planner!

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