Maybe a better title for this post is #confessiontime.  I was thinking the other morning while putting things away in the closet and realized it was time to come clean.  People may look into my life from the outside and think that I’ve got it all together or that I’m supermom. I’ve actually had people tell me this.  I don’t know why they see my life this way….maybe because I don’t admit to the dark side of parenting.  So this post is my confession of the things I do and the way my life is that proves I don’t have it all together.

  1. While the rest of my house looks fairly picked up, you will never see my bedroom or home office.  It is horrendous! We use our bedroom and office as a dumping ground.  We hardly ever take time back here picking up because we are never back here during the day.  This leads to these two rooms being ignored and it is bad.
  2. I will give my kids cookies or fruit snacks some mornings just to keep them happy and away from me while I have my coffee.  I have no patience until I have had 20-30 minutes of coffee drinking and checking email/blog/Facebook/Instagram.  It is how I wake up.  If you bother me before that time is up I’m likely to growl something that just wont make sense.  Come back to me 20-30 minutes later and I’m a happy, smiling, doting mom.
  3. I will take a day off here and there and do nothing but goof off.  The TV will be on all day for the kids, they get fed quick, non healthy food (hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, etc) for meals, the dishes don’t get washed, laundry doesn’t get done, floors don’t get vacuumed.  It happens usually once a week because I want a day of doing nothing.
  4. I will fake being asleep late at night or early in the morning so my husband gets up with the kids.  Sometimes I need an extra 30 minutes of just lounging in bed by myself.  I know my husband does it too!
  5. I will throw away my kids stuff if they have too much.  If it is broken it goes in the trash.  If they just have too much stuff I often donate it.  The annoying things go first.  I don’t feel guilty because my kids are blessed to have more than they need.
  6. I will lie to my kids about going outside when I don’t want to.  “Its WAY too hot outside” “Its going to rain” etc…  There are times I will send my 13 year old to take them outside simply because I’m not feeling like it.
  7. I don’t get to shower every day.  If I’m lucky I get a shower every other day. This has to do with the fact that if I don’t have to go anywhere, I stay in pajamas.  Why dirty more clothes just to stay home?  That means more laundry to add to the never ending laundry mountain. I make sure to shower, do my hair, and put on makeup when I have to run errands or if I am taking the kids somewhere.
  8. Sometimes I won’t let my kids have friends over because the house is a mess and I don’t want to get dressed.
  9. If I get to go grocery shopping by myself I will take my time and usually treat myself to something to make it extra enjoyable. This usually only happens once or twice a month, but it is much needed mommy time. The last time I went shopping I ate some fresh chocolate chip cookies in the car on the way home.
  10. I will, from time to time, wish that I was by myself. No husband, no kids, just me.  I think it is completely normal for a parent/spouse to wish for.  In fact, I think it’s a sign of a good parent/spouse to think this.  It means that you are present and active in your kids’ and husband/wives life.  It means you are giving of yourself to them.  We just need to make sure we take time for ourself too.

What does this list mean? It means I’m human. I need days off from housework like my husband needs the weekends off from his job.  It means I need time away from my kids just like other adults use babysitters to get away for an evening.  It means that I am doing the very best that I can as a parent because if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t feel the need to have time to myself.  We are all human and just because we feel this way, it doesn’t mean we are bad people.  We are just human.

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    1. liz j fit says:

      awww. we are the same.


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