Ink addict

“Hello. My name is Alison and I’m an ink addict”

Yep. That’s me.  I’m an ink addict.  You are probably wondering what the hell an ink addict is.  If you are wondering, then you probably don’t have any….

I am a lover of tattoos!  I love the different styles, the colors, the creativity, and the stories associated with them.  I love to see them on both men and women. I love that they aren’t as taboo now as they were 30 years ago.

If they didn’t cost a thing, I’m sure both arms and my back would be covered by now.  Maybe a calf as well.  However, they are not.  In fact, tattoos are pretty dang expensive.  Because they aren’t free, and my husband isn’t a tattoo artist that can give me a new piece of art for nothing more that a nice dinner, I haven’t gotten as many as I would like. (Let’s stop and think about how awesome that would be if my husband was a tattoo artist……)  My Pinterest account has a board dedicated to tattoos and has all sorts of lovely ideas on it that will probably never make it onto my skin.

Tattoos are, in my opinion, art.  It is a wearable form of art that allows each person to express themselves.  Whether it is something that holds meaning to that person, or it is just a meaningless design, you need to keep in mind it is something that they chose to put on their skin.  Some of the best doctors, nurses, police officers, firemen, athletes, and lawyers have tattoos.  Having ink on your skin doesn’t make you less intellectual or less trustworthy as a person.  

My poor mom….. When she heard I was getting another one she simply forced a smile and commented something along the lines of “it’s not my thing but if that’s what makes you happy”.  If she had the choice my brother and I would have the same flawless skin we did the day we were born.  But, that’s one of the things I love about my mom.  Even though she doesn’t necessarily like it, she doesn’t bash me for doing it.

I got my first tattoo 16 years ago when I was a freshman in college.  I remember my mom saying “I don’t want you coming home with tattoos or piercings”.  What did I do? I went home with 2 tattoos and a tongue piercing.  I really don’t know how my mom managed to not kill me.  I was such a handful. (Sorry mom!). For the longest time I had 4 tattoos. I wanted many more, but like I said…. They are expensive.  I had to wait until recently to be able to get more.  A year ago I got a compass on my right forearm and then just this past week I started a coverup on my upper arm.  Now…. I don’t regret the tattoo, I regret the placement.  We live in a world where people are judgmental and they will judge you by what they see on the outside first.  I decided to coverup the old tattoo with one for all my kids.  I have each of their birth flowers and 2 ladybugs for the two pregnancies that I had lost.  A month from now I go back to add in the color.

I’d love to have a couple more tattoos before I say I’m done.  I’d love Maleficent and Ursala because they are my favorite Disney villains a tree of life above my right wrist and an old fashioned camera and film.  Maybe a mother/daughter tattoo because my 13 year old keeps talking about how she wants tattoos too.  Obviously I wouldnt let her get one until she is 18, but that would make for a fun birthday.

All this talk about tattoos makes me really want another….. Who wants to donate to the fund jar?

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