Buy your meat in bulk and save

Meat is one of the most expensive grocery items you can purchase.  Unless you raise your own meat sources, or are a vegetarian and just don’t eat it, you will find yourself laying out a pretty penny each time you go to the grocery store.  I will have to keep track and update this post over time with what it would have cost if I bought meat as I needed it vs. the cost when buying in bulk.

I purchase our ground beef, boneless pork loin, and boneless skinless chicken breasts by the case at Sam’s Club.  When I get home I split it up into smaller packages and put it in our freezer.  It is important to know the going price on meat as it changes based on availability and time of the year.

The ground beef comes in an 80 pound box and is currently $2.89/pound for the 80/20 beef and $3.59/pound for the 90/10 beef.  A case of boneless skinless chicken breasts weighs between 35 and 40 pounds and is priced currently $1.79/pound.  A case of boneless pork loin is currently $1.85/pound and is about 50 pounds each.

The ground beef I will package mostly in 1 pound packages and a few 2 pounds packages.  The chicken breasts are about a pound each and I package 2 in a bag.  The pork loin comes whole.  The really nice thing about this, is I can cut it up how I want it.  The majority gets cut into boneless pork chops.  The rest are cut into 3 pound pork roasts and the ends of each loin is packaged for pulled pork.

The case of chicken I bought tonight was split into 18 different bags.  That’s 18 different meals for my family and will last for about 4 months. This breaks down to $3.74 per meal for the meat.  A case of beef lasts about 8-9 months (sometimes longer), and the pork about 6-7 months.

In order to be able to buy in bulk for the savings, you either have to have extra freezer space (we have a full size stand up freezer just for meat) or split the meat with another family so everyone saves money by buying it in bulk, yet you don’t have to find somewhere to store it all if you don’t have the space. I highly recommend investing in an extra freezer.  there are so many things you can stock up on when the price is low and freeze for later use!

If your local grocery store has a great meat sale, make sure you compare the price of the sale vs getting it in bulk.  Sometimes the sale price can be better, but more often than not, when I need meat there aren’t any good sales going on so buying in bulk is the  best price for me.


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