Happy Birthday Liam!


It seems like just yesterday that you decided to make a really really quick entrance into our world. My how our life changed.  Going from 2 kids to 3, and even more significant….. going from a teen and a toddler to a teen, a toddler, and a newborn.


You are our monkey who loves to climb and mimic your older brother.  You are my cuddle bug.  You have the cutest pout when you don’t get your way and the best smile when you are happy.  I love your blonde hair (I hope it stays) and your blue eyes you got from your grandma and great gramma.


You can be such a little stink.  Like right now when you are kicking cups across the house with the look of trouble on your face.

You love animals, exploring outside, dress up hats, bubbles, balls, and swings.  The squeal we hear every time Team Umizoomi comes on tv is that of pure excitement.  We love seeing the amazing bond you have with your older brother and sister.

What an amazing couple of years we have had.  We love you to the moon and beyond!


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