Mud, crutches, and letting go

Odd title huh?  It’ll make sense by the time you finish reading.  I promise!

I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run on Saturday June 6th with 2 cousins down east of Indianapolis. It is a 5k (3.1 miles), women only, fun run that is filled with muddy obstacles.  We started out jumping over fire, then passing through an inflated mattress filled with holes, and onto other obstacles that included rope nets, inflatable slides into mud pits, multiple mud pools, a 30 foot stretch of knee deep mud to wade through and more.  As you can see from the photo below (I’m on the far right) …. You get muddy.  Really really muddy.  But it is a GREAT time! 

We made it all the way through with only minor scrapes, bumps, and bruises…..until we hit the last obstacle.  At the last obstacle you had to climb up a rope wall, move across a rope floor, and go down a 10/12 foot fire pole.  While they did have padding at the bottom of the pole, it wasn’t enough to absorb the impact when you land.  If you can imagine how fast you go down the metal poles when covered in mud, a three inch piece of foam at the bottom isn’t enough.  Obviously, there is an injury waiver you have to sign to participate because of the risk of injury. I’m not blaming them for what happened to me, but I have contacted them and suggested that they increase the padding to prevent further injury to future participants. 

When I went down, at super sonic speed, I landed hard.  I banged my left knee on the pole and did something to my right ankle. It hurt, but I was able to walk on it so I figured it was fine.  I started my 3 hour drive home and stopped at a friends house to visit 30 minutes into my drive.  Imagine my surprise when I went to get out of the car and couldn’t put any weight on my right foot. None.  Her husband was so nice and offered to help me into their house so I could get my foot up, but I declined, knowing I had a 2 1/2 hour drive left to get home and the pain was getting worse by the minute.  The rest of the drive was NOT fun.  I had to get home using cruise control and left foot braking since I couldn’t use my right foot at all.  The day ended at the local ER and I was diagnosed with a chip fracture of my tibia (lower leg bone), put in a boot, given pain meds and crutches, and told to call an Orthopedic doctor Monday morning for a follow up appointment.


It is when things like this happen that I am forced to sit back and let things go.  My amazing husband did some grocery shopping on Sunday so that we had simple, easy things for meals this week.  He has also been babysitting me when I shower, literally lifting me over the lip of the shower so I can get in and out.  My daughter has had to take over many “mom” duties this week while my husband is at work in order for us to make it through each day.  She has done laundry, made meals, put the boys down for nap and bed, given them baths, gotten me whatever I’ve needed, and more.  I honestly don’t know how the boys and I would be functioning if she was still in school.  Thankfully this happened when she was done for the year.  Aside from the fact that I’m dealing with a fractured ankle, this has been very difficult for me.  It takes me 3 times as long to use the bathroom, to wash soppy cups, to move across the room.  The thing that has been the MOST difficult is sitting back and letting things go.  The house isn’t getting vacuumed or cleaned as much as I would want, laundry and dishes are piling up because it’s not getting done when I would want it done, we are eating less nutritious meals because I can’t cook, and so on.  Many times during the day I have to force myself to stop stressing and breathe.  I have to remind myself that as long as the basic needs are being met (clean clothes, food, clean diapers), the rest can wait.  

I am trying to make the most of my time stuck in the recliner.  I’ve started a Harry Potter movie marathon, started  drafting posts for this blog,  spent time playing with the boys as much as I can, etc.  I know the cleaning and clutter will be there later so I’m enjoying frequent cuddle sessions now while I can.  

It is hard to adjust to sudden changes when you are so set in a routine.  I’m so thankful that my family is able to make adjustments and pitch in to help out when needed! 

**photo credit**

The “Dirty Girl” branded photos are from Game Face Media, a company that took photos during the event and provided them to us for free for download.

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2 Responses to Mud, crutches, and letting go

  1. lynneggleton says:

    Oh my gosh – what a fun day only to end in injury! Take it easy and heal well. It is hard to let it all go, but it sounds like you have some good support.


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