This crazy little thing called life

 Life can be chaotic, unpredictable, and constantly on the go. We live in a world now that is so different from what it was 50, 60, 70 years ago.  Long gone are the 5 day (40 hour) workweeks, being able to comfortably live on one income, family meals every morning and evening, and kids being kids.  Nowadays people are working 50+ hours a week, weekends, 2 or more jobs just to make the bills. Both parents are having to work which results in children being raised by daycare when young and babysitters before and/or after school. Longer work days result in less family time, less family meals, and more time that is spent apart from each other. We have gradually evolved into a society where we spend more time AWAY from our families than we do with them.

No more. At least not in my house. Before I was a SAHM I was an ER nurse. A good one. No, not good, fantastic. But, because I was working I had to put my kids in day care. I hated not being home with them. But let’s face it, when you live on Long Island and your monthly rent is $1700, both parents need to work to pay bills. There was very little left over. Now, the day care was great. My kids thrived, but I missed out on A LOT. There were so many days I missed out on doing crafts with them, making them lunch, and taking them outside to play.  Along came a divorce and I moved to Northern Indiana. What a difference! It is a much slower pace of life. While cost of living is less, so are salaries. I worked as a nurse out here for almost a year before experiencing a pregnancy loss that completely changed my thought process.

I didn’t want to work anymore. I wanted, even needed, to be home with my kids, raising my family, and running the household. I wanted to be the 50’s mom who got up every morning and made meals, did laundry, and cleaned the house. I was remarried and I was finally in a situation to be able to do just that. Granted, money can be tight since we are a one income family, but that’s fine. Having less means you cherish what you have and you find enjoyment in spending time with your family doing less expensive activities. 

We need to begin to focus on our families again. We need to stop being so wrapped up on having new cars, fancy houses, elaborate vacations, and the newest electronics. Simplify and you will have less stress, less expense, and more time. We should be working to LIVE, not living to WORK. 

While my family lives in a simple house, my van is 7 years old, my kids don’t wear name brand clothes, we haven’t been on a vacation in 6+ years…. We are happy. We spend time together as a family whenever we can and that’s what is important to me. 

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